Backcountry Retreat, Yellowstone Montana 

Late Summer 2018 (dates coming soon)


“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.

The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy,

while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.”

-John Muir


Rocking' HK Outfitters

Your host Heidi Salie of Rockin' HK Outfitters has been a Yellowstone National Park outfitter since 2004. Along with her husband and three children, Rockin' HK Outfitters also runs a trail riding stable at Chico Hot Springs Resort in Paradise Valley, Montana. Her dream, now more than ever, is to show people the wandering solitude of Mother Nature, paired with the peaceful companionship of her trusted horses. This 4-day back-country pack trip is geared for the person looking to slow down, relax and catch your breath in a wide open space. Hidie and I met on a ride through Paradise valley and began to dream up the perfect offering in the great outdoors. By adding yoga, whole foods and self care to the mix we hope to offer a once and a lifetime experience. 

Jennifer Davies, an avid outdoors woman from Montana will be our healing hands on the journey. She is a certified massage therapist in thai massage and will help work out any built up tension that has settled in the body from our daly activities.  



When you first arrive at the trailhead, the guides and I will be there to greet you with a warm, tasty lunch.  Then you’ll meet your trusty steed and learn to ride!  After we are all saddled up, we’ll journey upwards for about 1.5 hours on a steep incline into Yellowstone towards our camp. Once we arrive, you’ll unpack, relax and settle into the wide open space we’ll call home for the next few days. Each night, we’ll gather for dinner and end the evening around the campfire.  Each morning, you’ll be greeted with tea or a warm cup of coffee followed by an invigorating yoga practice and a nourishing breakfast. In the afternoons, we’ll hike, explore, read, write, get massaged by the healing hands of our on-site masseuse and spend time with the horses.  Or we’ll do nothing at all but relax in the grass. We want you to embrace this space to check in with yourself and take time for your own personal wellness.

On the last day, we’ll take the long way home, a gradual ride of about around 12 miles, 4-5 hours. This open valley with its flowing creek will serve as an idyllic backdrop for our afternoon picnic.  As the ride continues with a dramatic rock face on one side, we’ll approach northeast entrance at Cooke City/Silver Gate. Upon arrival, we’ll be greeted with food and drinks before heading back to the stables. If we are able to pack up quickly, we hope to have time to jump into the warm hot springs at Chico.  We recommend staying at Chico Hot Springs that night (accommodation not included). If we don’t find time for the soak that evening, you can always do so in the morning before heading back to the city.


The practice is for all levels. Breath and movement are synchronized to build heat, balance the nervous system and revitalize the body and mind. Modifications are offered for beginners and more advanced practitioners. The postures are sequenced through a heat building process while we breath in the fresh blue air. We conclude with restorative, meditative poses to quiet the mind and allow the practice to transform the body. I hope to offer a healing and relaxed space that gives way for the practice to take you places far beyond the mat, to places that cease to amaze.. May the wide open space in which we practice in, broaden your visions and teach you the endless possibilities inherent in a single lifetime. I look forward to creating bridges and connections to one another while Mother Nature brings wonderment to our soul. 



Tabitha Rose Chef & Yoga Teacher

As some of you may already know I am a Montana native, Montana is where I grew up and it's still a place I call home. It's majestic expanse remains forever near and dear to my heart and I can't wait to share my love for it with you. I have travelled the world to capture the many flavors and experiences that life has to offer.  Currently I am based in Venice Beach, California, teaching yoga, leading nature retreats  and cooking for others. Doing my best to offer  a unique and enjoyable  holistic approach to my community. Combining my love for nature and my studies as a healer in various fields (yoga, nutrition and herbal medicine), I aim to be a connector in the community and provide a nurturing and healing space for each individual to grow while centering oneself to find balance between mind, body and spirit.  On a broader scale, I hope to help unite people together in their love and respect for nature and its healing powers. Combining traditional teachings and living arts with new methods and practices to enhance one’s health and appreciation for all the gifts that Mother Nature provides. 

Since I began leading groups into great outdoors, I’ve always dreamed of one day bringing my fellow adventurers back to my home. Come celebrate with me in this magical place and be guided, nourished and inspired by none other than your's truly...



- 4- days, 3-nights

- 4 Yoga classes

- 2 Specialized Massages

- 3 Meals a day 

- Multiple hours of horse interaction

- Tents

- Guides

- Hiking 

- Big Sky Country Views

What to pack

- Yourself 

- Sleeping Pad 

- Sleeping Bag 

- Cloths 


Please note that the below is not included. Of course if you have any questions while booking, we are here to help so please feel free to inquire.

Flight to Bozeman or Billings MT

Transportation to the trailhead

Accommodations before or after the trip





Whole Foods Over the Camp Fire

Both Hidie and I understand the healing properties of  a whole foods diet. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".  A whole foods diet is a natural  way we connect to our surroundings so why not bring it with us when camping. The menu will have a holistic and plant based approach giving space to truly nourish and restore the body as a whole. A culinary experience of the land and season. 


Places to visit and stay along the way...

The Voss Inn Bed and Breakfast

319 S Willson Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715

(406) 587-0982

Chico Hot Springs

163 Chico Rd, Pray, MT 59065

(406) 333-4933