• Currently teaching Private lessons and studio session on Orcas Island, WA

  • Spent 8 years teaching publicly and privately in Venice Beach, CA

  • Completed Yoga Instructor Certification Program at Yoga Works

  • Completed Restorative Yoga Workshop at Yoga Works

  • Practices Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga

  • Constantly improving teaching techniques by attending workshops, classes and ceremonies around the world.

  • https://www.yelp.com/biz/tabitha-rose-venice?osq=tabitha+rose+yoga

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"I have been taking classes and lessons with Tabitha for nearly five years now, and I also participated in many of her monthly retreats that consist of outdoor yoga, hiking, and a picnic, resulting in some great community building, Tabitha’s community. It has been such a rewarding experience and such a privilege to belong in this community. Tabitha combines her extensive knowledge of the yoga tradition and practice with a deep understanding (some learned, and some intuitive) of the human anatomy, physiology, and psychology, to create yoga classes and lessons that are both inspiring and motivating. These lessons leave you in a mindful and meditative state, with a sense of balance and relaxation, and the feeling that each muscle in your body was stretched and exercised. This is all done in such soothing and tender way, with grace, poise and empathy, which is the Tabitha style. Shortly after you start her class your get the “aha” feeling, “so this is what’s it all about,” and the sense that its clearly the right thing to do.  And then you leave her class feeling at ease, limber and relaxed, knowing you also had a good workout. Your own outlook of the world becomes kinder and brighter, and your interactions with others become more positive and mindful. For me this has been an experience almost too good to be true. I can therefore strongly recommend to you Tabitha’s classes. You should give it a try. It just may change your life. It sure changed mine."

~Josef S.


"Tabitha is  an excellent yoga teacher. Knowledgeable, kind and energetic. I am older (in my 80's)with back and hip problems and she helps me to maintain a pretty active life. I have had some wonderful teachers and she is as good as it gets. I am so grateful that I have her in my life. Can't recommend her enough."

~ Miki M. 


“Tabitha is incredibly gifted, dedicated, and passionate about teaching yoga. She dose a wonderful job of transmitting her positive energy to her students and pays carful attention to their learning. She’s been the best yoga instructor I’ve had and has inspired me to commit to this practice” 

~Vicky N.


"I've been practicing yoga for a few years now and have experimented with many styles and instructors and find Tabitha to be among the best. She has an ease and grace about her that sets the tone for a peaceful flow. I enjoy her ability to guide classes with a focus on the breath and a mindfulness of our bodies possibilities and limitations. She reminds me how important it is to honor ourselves in practice and in life. Her style is adaptable for any level of experience and she incorporates many different styles of practice, I especially love her vinyasa and restoratives - not to mention her monthly wellness retreats (yoga + hike + picnic + community). I remind myself often of the simple mantra that she shares at the end of every class "may you always be mindful of your thoughts, your words and your actions" this rings near and dear to my heart as it's a beautiful gesture to our inner selves and reminder to be compassionate to all."

~Trisha M.


"I would consider Tabitha to be among the best yoga teachers I've ever been taught by. She obviously loves what she does and radiates positive energy as she guides her students through a challenging and energizing series of poses."

~ Erin O.


When I first moved to LA, I was extremely intimidated to try yoga out here. Sure, I had practiced before, but out here it just seemed much more intense and scary. That being said, I took my first class in LA with Tabitha and have been going back ever since! She balances breathing, stretching, relaxation, and a tough workout perfectly and always reminds her students to go at their own pace and never to over-work themselves because all of our bodies are different. Plus, she has an amazing attitude and her essential oils smell amazing :) I always look forward to Tabitha's classes and wellness retreats!

~ Megan M.