Seasonal Wellness Retreat

hosted by Tabitha Rose and Kari Jansen

Summer - June 28th - 30th - Joshua Tree, CA


Come celebrate the turn of season and find healing methods to greet the change. Offering a retreat that helps you approach a more holistic way of day to day living. Hosting this gathering every time the season changes. 

As seasons change, so too does the environment around us.  And as organisms inextricably bound to our ecosystem, we will inevitably feel that shift as well.

I have long been devoted to seasonality as a philosophy and I've found certain practices that help me embrace those internal changes throughout the year. Now, I'll be sharing what I've cultivated with you- my yoga, rituals, home remedies and cooking. In addition, Kari Jansen, an Ayurvedic practitioner and herbalist, will be partnering up with me. Her knowledge of seasonal remedies and self-care  is truly bountiful. 


Join us for a retreat in  Joshua Tree for the Summer on June 28th-30th, offering you three days filled with communal meals, music, yoga, and a workshops on herbal recipes for beauty and self-care.  We want you to leave feeling refreshed, with blueprints tailor-made to maximize your well-being throughout the season. The property that will be hosting us for this magical three day weekend is nested on 10 acres of peaceful desert land with open skies, mountain views and vintage Airstreams to take you right back to more simple times.


We'll pull practices from the Ayurvedic Doshas (Kapha, Pitta and Vata). This is the sister science to yoga, at its most ancient. Ayurveda – which comes from the Sanskrit “ayur,” meaning life, and “veda,” meaning science– literally means "the science of life." Sounds pretty important, doesn’t it?  Ayurveda is often overlooked in contemporary yoga but it is a true compliment that can greatly enhance your current practice.  As a science, the benefits include disease treatment and prevention, improved energy, and overall well-being. The dietary aspects have the added bonuses of strengthening digestion, improving complexion, and shedding excess weight. With Ayurveda and yoga as the foundations of our retreat, we will also explore herbal remedies, seasonal eating habits and seasonal plantes.


- $500per person (sleeping arrangements included)

- $475 per person (have to bring your own camp gear for sleeping)



-3 days and 2 nights 

-5 seasonal balancing meals (organic, locally sourced, vegetarian)

-Sleeping arrangements (single couch, single bed, queen beds, shared space in trailers and canvas tents)  

-2 Ayurvedic workshops (leaving you with your own apothecary to take home.)

-Cooking class

-Daily yoga and meditation practice 

-talks, music and community 


Not included: