Monthly Wellness Retreat ...building community in a natural way, one step at a time. 



A half-day retreat in a wide-open space. 

Once a month, I hold an outdoor half-day yoga retreat in the Los Angles area, offering holistic tips for living a simple, more balanced life in our own backyard. 

Join us under a shady tree as I lead an awakening Vinyasa Flow. Then work up a sweat on a hike overlooking the ocean and canyons below. After the hike, refreshing juices, infused water or sun-brewed teas will be served along with a delicious, seasonal and locally sourced vegetarian picnic. It’s a fun way to workout, nourish the body, open the mind and heal the heart while meeting new people and discovering the natural beauty of LA, creating community one step at a time. . 

"Have you ever noticed that after a sweaty hike, yoga practice or bike riding outside, the sunset looks much more profound?  It seems as if the birds are singing your praises and the flowers are blooming for you. Each bead of sweat feels like a badge of honor and every breath is an out-of-body experience. When our minds are clear and our hearts are full, our senses are enlivened and we are that much closer to personal peace and growth. By combining the healing powers of Mother nature with a progressive outlook on being actively productive and mindful of our nourishment and creativity we may actually have a chance to survive this demanding concept we call success in our modern world."

-Jeanine Pesce for Range Magazine

Date:  N/A

Time: 9am-2pm 

Location:  Temescal Canyon Park 

Cost: $45pp


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